Added value
... more time, more security, more transparency, more money


Benefits for your company:

  • Your profit is preserved – optimisation of your share of equity capital in funding projects.
  • No more tedious copying of tables and studying of accounting policies – or can you afford an expert for every accounting task?
  • Faster funding cash flow due to reliable accounting logic that is coordinated with auditors.
  • Low additional costs are covered by other sources because they are largely eligible and therefore no additional overheads.
  • Planning security and ongoing transparency reduce your risk.
  • Clearly structured reports and analyses are provided and facilitate communication in-house, with auditors and project partners.
  • Auditing expenses for EU projects reduced by up to 25% (with our auditing partner)
  • No unnecessary stress and no discussion with project partners about reports; therefore more valuable time with research partners for targeted talks
  • You will have more time to concentrate on the development of your business.
accounting for funding gives you more time, lower costs, higher profit – a service that pays off.